Also the fact that he’s not eating well.



Sorry, I know I just wrote like five minutes ago but I really wanna share something about this friend of mine - I’ll keep him anonymous though.

So, I have known him for a while, and while I know he doesn’t trust anyone, he still has told me things about him that I know only few selected people know. As far as I got it right, he’s a bit paranoid. Well, major paranoid. Usually when we’re chatting, he would say something about seeing something or hearing something and being caught totally off-guard.

Also, it’s pretty clear to me already that he’s got some ‘slight’ anger management issues… He admitted to me a while ago that he hates it that he can’t keep his anger controlled, whenever he’s insulted or just annoyed he can’t keep his mouth shut and loses his temper very easily. I’m also concerned about what’s going on inside of his head; sometimes he just seems like he’s bipolar. I don’t know if he is, tho. I’ve never mentioned that he seems like that.

Well, I don’t wanna explain about his flaws, and while he doesn’t have many friends and isn’t exactly loved or liked (or even wanted, like he says), I know that he is an amazing person, he’s a great friend, always listening to his friends’ problems and helping them the best he can. He’s also funny and fun-loving; he doesn’t take things too seriously. He has his own point of view in everything and it really makes you think. I don’t understand why people would not like him, if they only got to know him they’d realise how great he is. 

Okay, I have said enough and even though you’re probably not interested, I still wanted to tell you this about him, even if I’m never gonna talk about him again… Well, don’t worry I will. He’s one of my best friends and I love him so much, as a friend of course. I wish he gets everything going nicely and that he’s okay while I’m not there.

Yeaaaah… Okay, now I’ll officially say good night and bye, until we see again!

Long time no see!

Hi! So, I’m on my summer holiday which is the main reason to why I haven’t been so active - I haven’t really been spending my time on computer, you know. I’ve been swimming, playing with Spike and bunch of other stuff :)

A little update of my derma? Well, it’s gotten so much better. I hardly pick anymore and only scratch a little. I think I can really make it :))

But then again, I’m worried of my friend… He keeps sending me some weird messages, saying stuff like ‘I’m so afraid’ ‘There’s someone there’ ‘I hear something’ ‘That wasn’t there last night’ etc… I’m trying to calm him down but it’s really not working…

Well, I’ll say good night to you already, I’m gonna make him feel a little better and then go to bed myself, bye!

This is the time of our lives!!

Yes! Finally! I only have a week of school left, it’s so awesome! Just had the last test today, it was tough but I think I’ll pass! Haha :) Soon, it’ll be summer and we’ll all be free!!

I’m talking with my friend on Skype and laughing at him ‘cause he’s playing at the same time and sometimes it just looks and sounds so god damn funny :D

Well, you go and do something nice since it’s Friday ;)

Huge apologies :(

Hey guys!! So sorry I haven’t been posting, but I had this English test today and a math test tomorrow so I’m super-duper stressed and studying is almost everything I have been doing… Also I have been going our for walks and been out playing with Spike, it’s such a beautiful weather outside! :)

Anyway, I noticed that I have 14 followers, that’s so cool, thank you so much! I have been going nowhere with my derma, but at least it’s gotten a bit better - I no longer pick so much, I try to do it as less as I can, only been scratching a few times this week :) My friends say that they’re proud of me and I’m proud of myself too!

Well, I think I’m gonna study a little bit to the math test to make sure it goes well… Bye :)

This is an epic album, can you really not notice where my name comes from after you look at the track list…? XD

This is an epic album, can you really not notice where my name comes from after you look at the track list…? XD

13th of May 2013, 5.47 PM

Hey :) There’s a really beautiful weather out there and I’m just about to take Spike out (my dog, remember?) but I decided to write a little something :”)

I noticed that I have 13 followers, which I think is so cool, thank you so much :D It’s nice to know that someone is there reading my texts even though I’m probably so boring :DD

Well, Spike’s doing crazy now so I’m gonna take her out (yeah, her, she’s a girl), see you! :)